Desk in East window

“The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. 


The Porches
Norwood, VA 24581
Tel: 434-2634135


Spacious porches and large private rooms provide peaceful views of wooded river bluffs and pastures. After a day of writing enjoy sitting on the porches, sipping wine as you watch deer browse among the fruit trees.

Our mission is to provide writers and artists uninterrupted time in a unique historical space within an environment of natural beauty.

Surrounding Area and Activities:

When the muse needs a break, there are many outdoor activities and cultural destinations. The Porches is a pleasant drive from the home of 4 US presidents, including Jefferson’s fascinating Monticello. Across the river, The James River State Park provides canoeing, tubing, kyaking on the James River. Twenty-five minutes away are the Blue Ridge mountains and Appalachian hiking trails, Crab Tree Falls, and Wintergreen ski resort. The local award-winning wineries offer tours and tastings. Or never stray far from the Porches and enjoy country walks, inspiring views, and historical sites.

Yogaville, an ashram across the river, is open to the public for yoga and vegetarian meals.

In Lovingston you’ll find an excellent restaurant/lounge and an eclectic book and coffee shop with local folk and blue-grass musicians performing on weekends.

the grounds
Blue Ridge Mountains
discussing what's for dinner
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